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This site has been prepared for use by members of the Yahoo Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy group called FuchsSupport.  It is a list of cornea specialists who our members have used, and recommend for others to use.  It is by NO means ALL the fantastic cornea specialists available!  If you are a member of this group, and have found a corneal specialist that YOU think highly of, be sure to let us know so we can add him/her to this group!  If you have any difficulty with any dr on this list, it is not the responsibility of this group or any member (or leader) of this group.

Alan M. Kozarsky, M.D.
Eye Consultants of Atlanta
3193 Howell Mill Rd., S115
Atlanta, GA 30327
Does EK's
Recommended by:
Marilyn A.VA

William Barry Lee
95 Collier Road, N.W.
Third Floor
Atlanta, GA  30309-1721
phone (404) 351-2220
fax (404) 351-7070
(note: administrative assistant Nick Frutiger can be reached at the above number at extension #1376)
Does T's
Has office in MACON GA
Recommended by Becky D/GA

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